About us


The history of the Aboriginals Ark Server

It was a long long wait… Years after the ARK had been created, the Aboriginals servers arrived on the 16th of November 2017.
 It was a breath of fresh air, nothing like we ever seen before. The creators gave us a world, a world where we would be free.
A world that is called, The Island.  A world where, we did not need to fight Player Against Player.
 Soon after that, more Aboriginals worlds started to appear. Ragnarok, Aberration, Extinction, and Valguero also arrived.
But we, the community of the Aboriginals servers call it… Home.

Meet the Ark Aboriginals Team



Server Admin


Server Admin





In game ranks

Ranks explained:

ServerOwner : Created the server & do alot of server sided stuff

Admins : Star icon in game. Do work in-game aswell as server sided stuff. They can help you with everything. If you have problems message us on steam or in the admin-ticket channel.

PVP Admin : Is an admin in game on our PVP servers. Ask them anything PVP related.

Gamemaster : Wildcard logo icon In game. They are just as important as admins, but cannot log in as an admin. They do have some powers, so they can help you out with alot! Treat them like an admin.

Helper : Testers icon In game(console thingy). They can help you with information about out servers or ARK in general. They are very kind, ask them anything :D. They have the ability to use cheat kill.

Eventy : Only hosts events on our event server. They are not helpers. For help please refer the rest of the team.

Supporters : Heart icon in game. They are a very important role in our community. We owe them a big thanks for helping to keep the server running!

VIP : One of the three dragon icons in game. Helps us maintain the servers on a monthly basis! Thank you.

Loyal Player : This rank will be rewarded if you have played over 200 hours on our server.

Player : Is everyone else, our dear players, we love you all.