About us


The history of the Aboriginals Ark Server

It was a long long wait… Years after the ARK had been created, the Aboriginals servers arrived on the 16th of November 2017. It was a breath of fresh air, nothing like we ever seen before. The creators gave us a world, a world where we would be free. A world that is called, The Island. A world where, we did not need to fight Player Against Player. Soon after that, more Aboriginals worlds started to appear. Ragnarok, and Aberration also arrived. But we, the community of the Aboriginals servers call it… Home. 

Meet the Ark Aboriginals Team



Creator + Admin









In game ranks

admin starAdmins:
Admins have access to everything and everyone in the server. The admins make decisions daily about the server. Even when they are not playing on the server they are still quite busy fixing the server, or providing help to players. Every decision they make are for the best for everyone. The admins do have the ability to spawn items in. This will only be done for the following reasons; helping new players, unstucking players or themself, bug fixing when possible, helping players for what ever reason the admin finds good enough, making up for lost time caused by admin duty’s. The admins will not EVER abuse their powers. Never doubt the admins, they have good reason to do what they choose to do. 

Game master:
Wildcard logo(cards) In game. Game master is something like an admin, but without the powers. They do not know the admin password, they can not log in as an admin. They can not spawn things in, nor can they ban. This does not mean, you should not listen to them. If the Game Master gives you a warning, you have an official admin warning. If the Game Master comes to us, giving us enough reason to ban you, you will get banned. We trust our Game Masters 100%. You are not allowed to hate on them, disrespect them, or anything like that. Treat them as an admin, because they are, but without the powers.

Testers icon (console thingy) In game. Helpers are there to help you in need. They know alot about our servers or Ark in general. They make a big part of our Aboriginals team. They are there to help the admins out when needed, and give their opinion as a normal player. Please listen to the helpers, because they are there to help out. Ask them anything!

Either have a heart or a dragon(sub icon) In game. They are a very important role in our community. We owe them a big thanks for helping to keep the server running! Our servers run 100% on donations. Without them the Aboriginals Servers would not exist!