Support us

We, Aboriginals create Ark servers. We have created a fun and friendly community. We have active admins who are always ready to help you and listen to you. We host at least once every two weeks a server event. This could be a boss where everyone can join in without dino’s. Or things like hide and seek.

We do our best to provide a smooth, lagg free, and fun server. We are always up for new idea’s and improve ourselfs and the server constantly.

To improve the servers and community even further we needed a little bit of budget.

Box costs: 115 p.m.

Any support is welcome, no matter how small or big. If you decide to support our servers, we are so grateful. With every support you can earn yourself some rewards.

The donations are fully automatic.

1. Make sure you are online when you donate
2. You shouldn’t be able to lose items since we use the mod Death Inventory Keeper. If it does happen, some items can be replaced one time only.
3. You are not allowed to sell/give support dino’s, you can however gift a donation for your friends.
4. All items and dino’s have a specific level and quality. However, they are random! OP items are not guarenteed.

If the server costs are not covered by donations we will the safety net money we have saved from previous donations.

For what will my donation be used?

Most of the donation will go towards basic server payments. This can also include upgrades to the server. Other payments need to be made aswell to keep everything running. For instance, this website costs money per year. That includes all the progams used to style the website. The progam we use to make our donations run automatically, also costs money. We also have to make additional payments for community. If we have recieved over a year’s worth of server runtime we will use the money towards low priority things, these could be things like giveaway’s, (additional) upgrades,  previous costs made by the server owners. And ofcourse anything else that might not be mentioned, is paid to keep everything running smoothly. So there is alot each month that has to be paid to keep everything running, it is far more then the basic server costs.

  • ALL donations are, 100% donations! Everything you recieve for your donation is 100% a virtual GIFT as a thank you. Nothing more, nothing less. Donations are non refundable. Donations will be used to cover costs of the server and the community and everything else that needs payment to keep everything running smoothly.

  • This is 100% automatic! Make sure you are online on the correct server when donating.

  • It depends on the gift you recieve when donating. Most items are around quality 9. Most dino's are spawned in at level 240 or 288. 
    Quality 9 has a great chance of being better than a deep sea loot crate. This means all the donate items are 100% fair and not OP.

If you run into any problems, please contact us on discord