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Players happiness

Our players seem to be very happy at Aboriginals!


We host lots of events! Bosses, hide and seek, or win IRL things!


The ark players and the admins are available through Discord!


Don’t believe us? Just read the reviews!

I spent a long time looking for a good server. The servers I tried were toxic, level 15,000 dinos, absolutely ridiculous mods, and had to bow to the Admins
Aboriginals isn't anything like that, they respect the game, the vanilla style of Ark by complementing it with just Quality of Life mods. The admins are kind, helpful and responsive while just letting you get on with the game in the way you choose. The people on the server and always happy to talk and help whenever they can. Events are fun and regular enough without them feeling constant. You also don't even need to speak Dutch as they're all awesome and multilingual!
Hunter | Traders of Rigante
Ark Player
Before I get to the part why you want to be part of this great and awesome family. Yes I said family, why? Keep reading. First of all, I've always been a official server junkie. Official servers were fine 2 or 3 years ago, but lately it went off the cliff bad. So I went out and started to search unofficials which I heard are worth to find the love for the game again. And so ABORIGINALS cought my eye. A very loveable family of admins make you feel right at home. From my very first start on the server, in the first 5 minutes, I have already felt in love. And I'm not even exaggerating. You will not find any other server like it! Oh wait, not just a server but a cluster of THREE!! Yes there are 3 servers in a cluster with a 4th one coming soon upon the release of the new DLC Extinction. Think of Aboriginals as a place to call home and think of me as one of your family members inviting you to join us! We are all originals in ABORIGINALS
Ark player


Breeding x10

Breeding is easy and fun. Use the S+ Nanny to make it even more easier!

Harvest x6

Use any high level dino to make the farming process even easier!

Taming x6

This is just enough so you might want to use kibble, or don't which isn't a problem either.

EXP x3

It's three time faster than vanilla. It's quite fast, but not too fast!

Extra information

Max tames

Per tribe (or solo) you can tame 400 dino's. If you have over 400 you have to kill a few to continue taming or breeding.

Max wild dino 150

Max wild dino you can tame is level 150. Any tek dino will be max level 180.

Decay/claim timer

If you do not log in for over 30 days your base and dino's will and can be claimed by other players. Or destroyed by the admins. More info about that go here.

Stats level mulitplier

Health gives 1,5 levels extra. Weight gives 2 levels extra. Oxygen gives 2 levels extra.

Nights x2

Nights go twice as fast as normal.

Food & Thirst

Food and thirst is lowered. It's set on 0.2. Normal is 1.0

Health Recovery

Health comes back faster than on vanilla servers.

Player resistance

Player resistance is adjusted. You can jump off great hights without dying.

Ready to join in?

Join us! Make yourself at home. Need any help? Contact us on Discord.