Loyalty shop

We, Aboriginals create Ark servers. We have created a fun and friendly community. We have active admins who are always ready to help you and listen to you. We host at least once every two weeks a server event. This could be a boss where everyone can join in without dino’s. Or things like hide and seek.

To reward our most loyal players we have created a loyalty shop. 

Vote Ragnarok

Vote The Island

Vote Extinction

Vote Valguero

Vote Aberration

Reward points

1 point is earned for every vote. *3 a day maximum  
2 points is earned every 30 minutes of play time.       
10-30 points is earned for every joined/winned event 

Extra reward points

Bring a friend: 60 Event Points * Friend must play 25 hours

What can I do with reward points? 
You can buy all sort of items! Check the picture below
Commands in chat:  /shop /buy (id number or package number) /points /kits /claim /vote !discord

I didn’t get my points for voting!
Don’t forget to type /claim in chat! You don’t have to do this daily. But don’t forget to claim all of your votes at the end of the month! Still didn’t recieve your points? It takes 24 hours to register your vote.

Free cryopods at arkaboriginals.tebex.io(the ones you can also buy in the ARK shop)

Reward point shop

*Everything is quality 8 or 7. Which is around Ascendant or Mastercraft


200+ hours Aboriginals playtime = Loyal Player rank on discord.

To check how many hours you played on our server go here.