1.  No racism, homophobia, harassment, ableism or any other form of hate content! Including chat, tribe, creature or player names
  2. No PvP behaviour (e.g. thievery, luring creatures in bases, etc!)
  3. No blocking to key resources (e.g. artifacts, beaver dams or caves)
  4. No blocking access to Obelisks
  5. No creatures on wandering without being hitched, due to lag. This includes auto gathering and creatures within a base
  6. No creatures on aggressive without explicit permission from the team
  7. The team is allowed to delete creatures and bases when inactive for 21 days or more. Please inform us if you want to keep your base when on a vacation


  1. Each tribe is allowed one main base, one water storage and one outpost. Take this in consideration when merging tribes. If more space is needed for breeding contact the team
  2. No unnecessary pillar or foundation spamming. Build your base asap when a spot is claimed
  3. No cluttering the map with many taming bins.
  4. Building in certain caves is disabled
  5. Make sure the base doesn’t block important resource spawns. Ask the team when unsure
  6. Griefing with eco mod is not allowed. Do not place eco mod structures of any kind in between actual trees far away from your base. An admin will perform a cheat destroytribestructures on your entire base to clean it up without warning.
  7. Do not build an entire forest using eco mod. Try to keep in mind many trees will cause some lagg.
  8. Our decaytimers are: Thatch = 12 days Wood = 24 days Stone = 36 days Metal = 48 days

Code of conduct

  1. Stealing eggs from other players isn’t allowed, especially those of donation creatures
  2. Only non-donation and non-OP creatures can be auto-decayed claimed. The team has the final saying in this! This is necessary to the keep the server balanced due to the no-wipe policy
  3. The use of all tek tier items and structures is only allowed for tribes that have earned it. This means learning the engram by defeating bosses. Don’t sell or give away your tek stuff. This especially applies to the S+ Tek Transmitter!
  4. No unnecessary chat spamming
  5. Eat unwanted Wyvern/Rock Drake eggs instead of dropping them due to the despawn bug
  6. Please make sure all the beaver dams are completely emptied when harvesting them in order for them to respawn
  7. If you run into any problems please make a ticket in our discord.
  8. Only tag @ admins for server wide related problems. Tag @ helper for other questions Not obeying these rules will result in disciplinary measures.
  9. Do not clone your element dust gacha for other tribes or players to keep it challenging.

If you do not follow the rules you will get banned. 

Minor rule breaking will result in: angry admins, last warning
Medium rule breaking will result in: 24 hour ban
Hard rule breaking will result in: permanent ban. 

If you are confused by some rules, please ask the admins before you act. Using the excuse “I did not understand what it ment or I thought this or that” is an invalid excuse and you will get banned. 

If you are unsure about your bases/base size or location, please contact an admin and he/she will look at it. Main rule here is, aslong as you let us know what’s up we are almost OK with every base.