Problems with joining?



Do you have problems with joining our server? This might happen because your mods are not up to date. Ark should auto update your mods when you are trying to join our server. Sometimes this can take up to 30 minutes (or even longer!). And sometimes it requires multiple restarts. This is NOT a server problem, this is because Ark always is still quite buggy. 

Here are the workshop steam links to each and every mod. Hit subscribe on each and every one of them to download them manually. Only do this if you are unable to join our server. If that still does not work, first unsubscribe to all the mods that you own. And then subscribe to each and every one of them linked here.

Make sure you are subscribed to each and every one of them! If you are not subscribed to one of them you might still have trouble joining.

Subscribe to our mod list:

In other rare cases it is a server sided issue. We have an auto steam updater and an auto mod updater, but it still has to search for the update. So if in some rare case the server still has not found an update you will be unable to join the server. Usually within 5-10 minutes the server will find the update after it is released. If this is not the case you should contact the admins on discord.

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